Here is your chance to see all the fantastic photographs that were taken at The Progressive Preschool Awards 2016 Event – and download any of the ones you would like free of charge!

The photos can be accessed by clicking on the headings above. They cover the entire event from those taken at the champagne reception (shown under ARRIVALS), the awards ceremony itself (shown under WINNERS) and those taken at The Dorchester post-awards ceremony (shown under AFTERSHOW).

When you find a photo you would like to download, move your cursor to highlight it, then click the download tab on the top right of the photos. Then, do a ‘file save as’.

All the photographs were taken by Eddie Macdonald who Max Publishing has had the good fortune to know and work with for over a decade. He works with lots of  design & PR agencies and is highly regarded in his field. If you need any photography for an important product or campaign, you can contact Eddie on 07932 624225 or visit his website on